As might be expected of two nations that enjoy such a special relationship, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, have announced a joint strategy designed to stop Coronavirus dead in its tracks.

In simultaneous coast-to-coast broadcasts they outlined some of the details.

“Morris and I will both travel to a remote island in the Pacific where we’ll each check into a presidential suite at my new 6 Star Luxury Trump Atoll Hotel to put together this beautiful plan. So beautiful.”

“And the good news is that I checked ahead and they have stocks of any food imaginable for at least six months, not to mention intensive care medical professionals and facilities too, so Norris and me are gonna be just swell,” Mr Trump explained.

“Yes that’s right together with our greatest ally we will see this nasty lurgy off, you betcha,” enthused Mr Johnson.

“And let me just say this. What a stroke of luck that Mr Trump has had the foresight to plan this because we will have no distractions whatsoever.”

“So even if it takes six months to come up with our plan I can promise this great nation that when I finally reappear we will have come up with a great plan.”

“Horace is my kinda guy,” added Mr Trump, “and if I had to choose someone to help me beat this thing then it would be him. One hundred percent.”

It’s understood Mr Trump then boarded Air Force One as Boris got on a plane at RAF Brize Norton.