In a surprise move today and seemingly acting as a lone wolf, Chris Grayling called an unsanctioned press briefing to thank the BBC for suspending filming of its hospital dramas Holby City and Doctors until further notice.

He told reporters, “This is another very welcome arrow in the government’s quiver to enable us to fight Britain’s Coronavirus epidemic. ”

“By my reckoning, and at a stroke, it has freed up over two thousand badly needed beds not to mention added many doctors and nurses to the front line of the vast army of NHS staff already battling the problem.”

“I will be speaking to the PM later today when I will ask him to go further and speak to the BBC to see if perhaps they will give us a loan of Dr Who as well.”

“She is very clever and resourceful and always gets herself out of a tight spot. I know she’d be able to make quite a difference to our efforts if she works closely with our top boffins. You see what…”

The interview was suddenly cut short at this point when Mr Graying suddenly ran off when he spotted two men carrying a very large net and a straight jacket bearing down on him.