As the C-19 crisis continues, the public is being warned to be on its guard following widespread reports of unscrupulous individuals attempting to exploit the current atmosphere of fear and confusion, in order to dupe many unsuspecting people for their own ends.

In particular the Tories are being singled out as being some of the worst offenders, ruthlessly pulling the wool over the eyes of unfortunates who are believed to be falling for their tricks in significant numbers.

Warnings have now been issued not to heed Conservatives, a group known to be heartless, uncaring and selfish but who are now pretending they have the interests of those in danger and at risk at heart.

One senior political correspondent said, “I have received several reports today already about government ministers appearing on media outlets, being humble and seeming to empathise with the plight of the self-employed and small business community. Even right down to the man in the street in some cases.”

“Sadly however I have to warn everyone this is nothing more than a ruse. In much the same way as the government paid lip service to people throughout the country who were flooded out of house and home, and again before that, when Boris Johnson lied through his teeth about everything throughout the general election campaign in December.”

“My advice is keep your wits about you. Don’t fall for their tricks. Not a single sentiment they express is well-meant  – no matter how plausible it seems to be.”