Star Trek super fan, Shelby Cassafinasturskiano, from Omaha Kentucky, is so obsessed with the original series of the show that he’s had his ears sculpted into exact replicas of those of the logical and cool-as-ice First Officer, Mr Spock.

The plastic surgeon who carried out the operation, Chuck Manasatalantarandini, explained the procedure to the press at his exclusive Beverley Hills clinic. ‘We took 360 degree MRI scans of Spock’s lobes then computer modeled everything. Fed all the data into my mobile phone App, and with the aid of lasers and flesh-coloured Play Doh, we painstakingly restructured Shelby’s ears, and after the ten-hour operation his ears are identical to those of his hero. I will now remove the bandages.’

Once unwrapped and after looking at his reflection in a mirror a pleased-as-punch Shelby took questions from Bob Shabdowski, media reporter with entertainment channel XNDRYTZ Beverley Hills.

Bob: Hey Shelby, great ears, man… but why did you want them done like Spock’s?

Shelby: Eh?

Bob: I said why did you have the ears done, dude? What does your wife think?

Shelby: Yeah.

Bob: No, man. Why have you got your ears all pointed up, fella?

Shelby: I guess around three forty-five.

At which point Dr Manasatalantarandini ran from the room.