A crowdfunding page set up at only 6.00am this morning has already raised over £5,000,000 and the rate money is pouring in shows no sign of slowing down, with pledges currently averaging £1,500,000 an hour.

Simon Williams who set up the page said, “I have a mate in the music business and I got the inside story that The Spice Girls are once again becoming active and intend to record an album of Beatles covers.”

“Just for a lark I set up a page asking for donations to pay them off and then tweeted about it and it’s gone mental since then. I just can’t get over the wave of opposition to the idea.”

One celebrity from Liverpool who asked only to be identified rather cryptically as “Macca” is believed to have donated £750,000 and has said if the fund hasn’t reached £20,000,000 by 6.00pm he will double his pledge.

A spokeman for the band commented, “It was just an idea the girls were kicking around because they’re all a bit bored. They thought that with all this virus thing going about they’d give the nation a lift.”

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports suggest Culture and Media Secretary, Oliver Dowden, is prepared to get involved and will sign an order banning the commercial release of such a project under serious breaches of the malicious communications act.