It has been announced that by using the same hologram technology, where Elvis was able to appear ‘live’ on stage despite him being dead for over forty years, The Winston Churchill Roadshow will be rolling into a town near you from next week.

Confined to light duties during his convalescence from Covid-19 at Chequers Boris Johnson said, ‘I’m just working on this but really is a biggie. Boffins have been working overtime and we have the technology now in place to enable us to have Sir Winston live in concert, reciting some of his iconic wartime speeches backed by the Glen Miller Orchestra. So I say to Covid-19, give up! Your days are well and truly numbered.’

‘The show will be hosted by music hall icons Flanagan and Allen and will visit parks and piazzas around the country giving us all a good dose of old fashioned British vim, vigour and spunk,’ added Mr Rabb.

On hearing on young Conservative who for some inexplicable reason still dreams about Britain’s past glories of World Wars and Empires was beside himself with delight. ‘This is the best possible pick-me-up our great nation could have been given and is just what we need to banish our blues.’

‘I knew Boris wouldn’t let us down. When he sees a job that needs doing he doesn’t drag his heels by announcing half measures. He just rolls up his shirt-sleeves and gets on with the job. He got Brexit done and he will now get Covid done.’