Mick O’Leary, CEO of Irish Airline Ryanair, has been explaining that instead of customers receiving the cash refunds they are legally entitled to in light of the mass cancellations because of Covid-19, they will instead be receiving vouchers for goods in lieu of the money.

Speaking on RTE News he said, “Come here til I tell yah now. Of course we could give people the money but what we’ve come up with is an even better scheme for them.”

“Sure it’s great altogether. Instead of the money they’ve already spent, so essentially they now won’t miss, customers will get a range of high-class retail vouchers worth, up to in excess of twice the cost of the flights in some cases, to spend as they wish.”

“For example we have done a great deal with O’Leary’s Cobblers Killarney and for some lucky customers that’s going to mean not only their own but their family’s cobbling needs will be taken care of for decades to come.”

“Another exclusive deal we’re excited about is with O’Leary’s Butchers in Roscommon. Just think of all the award-winning sausages and bacon they’ll be able to buy with those hundreds, or indeed in some cases, thousands of pounds worth of the vouchers.”

“All they have to do is get to Killarney or Roscommon, which I’ll admit is a bit tricky for now, but sure once this crisis is over there’s gonna be rakes and rakes of budget flights available again.”