After Donald Trump’s recent public statements have become increasingly more unhinged during his daily Covid-19 press conferences, Good Morning Britain’s blowhard mouthpiece and self-styled TV’s biggest anchor, Piers Morgan, has moved to distance himself form the President.

When not attacking incompetent government ministers over their woeful handling of the Covid-19 crisis on the live morning show, Morgan is well known for incessantly referencing his personal friendship with Mr Trump.

The pair fell for one another head over heels in a sickly bromance when Mr Morgan grovelled his way to victory in an American celebrity version of the show in 2008.

Entertainment journalist Simon Williams told us, “Piers’s sycophantic arse-licking behaviour when around Trump is nauseating. In one edition of GMB alone he said ‘Donald Trump is a personal friend of mine’ ninety-seven times during the first hour.”

“Not to mention another twenty references to what he called the hard-hitting grillings he gave Trump when the President visited England.”

Morgan is on the record as saying the interviews were on a par with the legendary Frost and Nixon showdown, although the general consensus among journalists is that they shared more in common with Denis Healey’s “like being savaged by a dead sheep” caustic put-down of Geoffrey Howe.”

Nevertheless GMB viewers were gobsmacked this morning when he was asked impishly by co-host Susanna Reid how his friend “Donald” was faring under such pressure, Morgan looked straight down the camera and said: ‘Who? Never heard of the guy.”