A team of US special agents claim they have seen irrefutable proof President Trump is the product of a failed experiment and is a malfunctioning prototype android created by artificial intelligence software developers in a top secret laboratory in China .

Trump, or to give him his real designation – Model ZTXY-42-7 – was a robotic clown designed to amuse people by saying and doing stupid things that managed to escape the facility and has somehow ended up as US President.

Special Intelligence Agent Chuck Skaddavatootski who is heading up the investigation explained.

“The android still has retained its ability to be stupid and amuse, in fact this skill has somehow increased exponentially, seemingly to the point of absolutely everything it utters is completely laughable.”

“However we have spoken to the Chinese who are becoming concerned the complex A I software interfaces look as if they may have become badly damaged and the droid is now exhibiting signs of megalomania. More worrying still is that it has surrounded itself with some kind of protection shield so we are unable to deactivate it.”

When reporters asked Trump /  Model ZTXY-42-7 to confirm or deny the claims today during a White House briefing he / it said, “China? Do I come from Chi-nah? Listen, I have never heard of Chi-nah.  Chi-nah doesn’t exist. That’s a fake place.”