Following an anonymous tip off Police have uncovered an illegal weather girl farm in a raid on an isolated farm property near Broughshane in Northern Ireland.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed that up to 30 girls had been rescued from a makeshift green screen TV studio, each being forced to present up to 20 practice weather forecasts a day. It’s understood the victims are of all nationalities and the evil masterminds behind the sick enterprise have been involved in a global presenter trafficking operation for several years.

The increase in this vile trade is being blamed on the plethora of new digital regional TV and radio stations creating a seemingly never-ending worldwide demand  for pretty female weather presenters in their mid-twenties.

Detective Sergeant Brian Beatty, who led the raid, told reporters: ‘It was harrowing in there and something I hope never to see again. One American girl was being made to say Gloucestershire over and over again as she kept calling it Gloo-sester-shire. Another was so confused that she thought Texas was a semi-independent enclave in Australia. It was pure hell, so it was.’