Waitrose has announced it is to introduce a new ‘BEAKS’ product range with the sale of fertilised poultry eggs. The move comes as a woman who was bored during furlough decided to try and hatch 3 duck eggs in an incubator.

She told us: ‘What with me being furloughed and that, there wasn’t much money coming in so I decided to see if I could grow some extra food for the price of a box of eggs. I was astounded when after a few weeks three lovely little ducklings hatched.’

A spokeman for the store commented: ‘That’s the Waitrose difference. Always breaking new ground and giving excellent value for money. We are now starting to sell Turkey Eggs along with home incubators and with any luck for some of our customers it will see the cost of this Christmas cut significantly.’

‘Shoppers will know when they have selected fertilised eggs as the Self-scanning tills will go ‘Quack’ instead of ‘Beep,’ he added.