Not content with charging people who have much more money than common sense an eye-watering £6 for a bag of fallen leaves this Autumn, posh supermarket Waitrose, announced this afternoon it is going to extend the concept.

From next week customers will be able to buy bags of dog poo that have been left hanging from trees by pet walkers.

Gyles Pemberton, Marketing Manager for the retailer said, ‘The Autumn Leaves range has been so successful we thought why not expand the idea. Therefore we will be selling discarded doggy doo-doos hanging from trees in new specially commissioned Cath Kidston bags, and at £65 each, I’m delighted to say advance marketing feedback suggests business will be very brisk indeed.’

One thirty-something couple, Poppy and Ollie Vickers from Barnes in West London, are beside themselves with excitement. Poppy commented, ‘We already have our phone alarms set from 3.00am so we can get down to the store nice and early and be first in the queue. We both want to bag a bag. Hahaha!’

Meanwhile Pemberton refused to confirm reports the range is to be further augmented in time for Christmas with packets of recycled chewing gum scraped off the pavement rumoured to be carrying a hefty £25.00 price tag.