Fears are growing for the health of a prankster fly called Louis, who landed on the head of Mike Pence during the US Vice Presidential TV debate last night.

Fly expert Dr Julius Methin said, ‘I’m worried for him. Louis landed on Pence’s head then sat there for a full two minutes which gave him ample time to be exposed to Covid if Mr Pence has the illness. Something that is highly likely given his recent close proximity to Donald Trump.’

Meanwhile speaking to reporters after the debate, Louis who had flown the 2200 miles from a dumpster in a back alley in New York’s Downtown to Utah, was enjoying his five minutes of fame in the spotlight.

‘Say, what can I tell youse guys?, if I got da Covid, den I got it. I’m used to a helluva lot woyce,’ he laughed. ‘See, thing is I want to make a career in showbiz so I says to myself – hey, Louis, woyze da biggest piece a shit in da woild? An as I couldn’t get into da White House, cozza of security, I went for the next best thing.’