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Diary of a Waitrose Shopper

Oh hi everyone.

I’m Ffiona and this is my new blog all about shopping in my favourite supermarket, Waitrose. Welcome and what a time to join me!

A new plague is wreaking havoc across the globe and nowhere are its effects being felt more keenly than in the hallowed aisles of my local branch. 

On these pages I will chronicle the doings and goings on as adopting the bulldog spirit we fight.

Pleased do read on and remember – chin up everyone.

Saturday March 14th 2020

Oh what beastly times we’re living in. This virus business is becoming something of a bore and one is now struggling to purchase one’s essentials. We are down to our last tin of Duck Confit and Ollie, my partner, asked me to go to shoip first thing this morning and panic buy a few boxes as it’s his absolute favourite. But Oh dear, readers. I was simply stunned by what awaited me earlier.

This morning we plumbed new depths whilst queuing to get into the store. There were at least thirty customers gathered and looking jumpy by seven twenty-five – even before doors were unlocked.Hostile glances seemed to be de-rigueur and there was no small amount of jostling with trolleys unfortunately culminating in ugly scenes.

The worst of which was when amid ill-concealed tutting and sighing an 81 year-old on a Zimmer Frame was roundly castigated for “barging in”.

I’m terrified that anarchy and the total breakdown of society as we know it now seem inevitable.

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